Welcome to City Church Unite.  

Our mission is to unite the Church to transform the city.  We are devoted to the pursuit of Jesus’ prayer that his followers would become perfectly one, so that the world may know that the Father sent the Son and loved them even as He loved Jesus (John 17:23).

Our conviction is that the visible unity of God’s people within their community will result in the kind of sustained transformational blessing that characterized Jesus’ ministry – the message of the gospel will transform lives, the poor will be cared for in word and deed, those who are oppressed and in bondage will be set free, and the most vulnerable among us will receive mercy and compassion.  

As you visit these pages we hope you will be both inspired and blessed. Our prayer is that God will ignite a movement of visible unity among His people that will result in spiritual awakening.  We hope you will join us for this remarkable journey.

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Post Script  –  We believe that God is igniting a movement of visible unity among His people which will result in the advancement of the Gospel, the blessing of our cities, and His greater glory! We invite you to actively support this movement in your community, your local church, and through your financial generosity toward ministries like City Church Unite.

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