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The Holy Spirit has been stirring my heart regarding the unity of the Church.

You are not alone.  There is definitely a movement of the Spirit among Christ’s followers awakening them to Christ’s prayer for unity  (John 17) and the teaching of the New Testament emphasizing the solidarity of the members of Christ’s Body under one Head, Jesus.  The following resources are given to fuel your passion, deepen your understanding, and stir your creativity as you envision the unity of the Church being lived out in your community.

City Church - Kelly Malone BookDr. Kelly Malone is an Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri.  Drawing on his intercultural expertise, his missionary experience, and his knowledge of the scriptures, Dr. Malone presents a compelling argument that the New Testament vision is for only one Church in each city.  He writes, “While there are many Christ-followers related to various congregations, all of them strive together to reach their city for Christ.  City Church cries out for a radical reformation of the local Church; for a shift from individual congregations each doing their own thing to all God’s people in a city working together under the lordship of Jesus Christ.   Purchase City Church on Amazon

pier_disruptivegospel_wSpine.inddWhat would happen in your city if 10 percent more people became vibrant Christians who worked together for the good of the community?  Dr. Mac Pier knows from firsthand experience that when the gospel invades your city, big things start to happen. For thirty years he’s watched and participated in what God has been doing in New York City.  In A Disruptive Gospel Mac shares true stories of transformation to inspire readers who long to see God move in their own communities. He helps readers understand the greatest barriers to the gospel in major cities all over the world, shares hopeful stories of reconciliation, highlights the passion and leadership of millennials advancing the gospel, and offers insight into how to start or join a gospel movement wherever in the world readers find themselves.  A Disruptive Gospel explains and illustrates five core principles: 1) The Gospel Matters, 2) Church Unity Matters, 3) Cities Matter, 4) Millennial Leadership Matters, and 5) Movement Matters.    Purchase A Disruptive Gospel on Amazon

Movement Day is a global organization committed to engaging city leaders in Christian unity.  Formerly known as The New York City Leadership Center, it was founded in 2008 to increase the leadership effectiveness of church and non-profit leaders across Greater New York City. The focus was primarily New York City based.

Beginning with the launch of Movement Day in 2010, the Center increasingly received invitations to serve cities nationally and globally. The invitations focused on how best to convene church, non-profit, and business leaders within a city so that the city could flourish spiritually and socially. In 2018, will help facilitate Movement Day expressions in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. While Movement Day began in New York City, today over 100 global cities are expressing interest in Movement Day as a way to bring the Body of Christ together for the spiritual and social good of their cities. is led by Dr. Mac Pier, author of A Disruptive Gospel.  Visit

Sustainable Church - RussellAlongside a Spirit generated movement of unity in the Church has been a yearning for creative and fresh expressions of Church.  In Sustainable Church, Dr. Walt Russell provides a thorough, Bible-based exposition of how the ministry of every Church should be organically built around all of the Spirit-gifted followers of Jesus within that local body.  Dr. Russell champions the New Testament model of growing ministry around the Sheep, not just the Shepherds.  Dr. Russell writes from his vast experience as a mentor, pastor, Church planter, and theologian.  For the past 25 years he has served as a professor of Biblical Exposition at Talbot School of Theology at Biola University in La Mirada, CA.  In addition to his refreshing ecclesiology, Dr. Russell provides two appendices worth the price of the book.  Appendix #1 Provides Dr. Russell’s line of biblical reasoning explaining why he is no longer a cessationist.  Appendix #2 is a study of the New Testament terms used for leaders … with some surprising conclusions.  Purchase Sustainable Church on Amazon

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 5.04.44 PMOn Monday evening, November 5 2018, I spoke to REVIVAL LA, a group of passionate young leaders who long to see revival sweep over Los Angeles.  The following link is the powerpoint I used to present the vision of the City Church of Los Angeles.  Feel free to contact me for any clarification or for further interaction.  Blessings!  -Tracy

REVIVAL LA November 2018