Meet Revival LA

LA Skyline

The vision of City Church Unite is to collaborate with many like-minded partner ministries in order to lay a foundation for the spiritual renewal of the city.  Today we met one of those partners.

Dustin Lang is the Vision Caster and President of Revival LA – a ministry with a vision for raising up 15,000 revivalists who will pray for and proclaim the gospel to Los Angeles. Within minutes of meeting Dustin, Debra and I knew we had met a brother with a kindred spirit for the unity of the Church, the transformation of the city, and the glory of Christ.

Revival LA describes their ministry in three ways.

A parachurch

This means that they work “alongside” the church. They do not seek to substitute the local church. Rather, they hope to supplement and support the local church. The calling of Revival LA is to provide a larger-scale perspective into the work that God is doing in Los Angeles. While they embrace their ministry calling, they also believe that there is no substitute for the invaluable discipleship that local churches provide on a week to week basis. 

A movement

Revival LA is a revival movement. Their goal is too large for an individual person or church to accomplish. Consequently, Revival LA seeks to destroy the walls that tend to divide churches. Instead, they hope to unify and mobilize the church to see a spiritual awakening take hold of our land. Like City Church Unite, they aim to bring Christians from all different churches together so that we can join together for prayer and evangelism that will transform the city.

A community

Revival LA is a community. They believe that Christ-centered, Christ-honoring relationships are essential for true spiritual growth to happen. Recognizing that many churches find themselves isolated and independent of the larger church body, Revival LA aims to provide opportunities for Christians from different churches, denominations, and ages to come together as one family. 

Dustin Lang with Tracy and Debra Weaver

Dustin Lang is the kind of leader who inspires you to draw nearer to Jesus and trust him for more than you ever though possible.  City Church Unite couldn’t be more excited about all that God has in store for the ministry of Revival LA and the possibilities of partnering together for the advance of the gospel, the unity of the Church, and city transformation.

You can find more information about Revival LA at