United Prayer – Praying For Kelsey


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Kelsey Kling is the 13-year-old daughter of Ammon and Priscilla KlingKelsey has an undiagnosed condition (Doctors cannot determine the cause) that is causing her brain to atrophy.  She has gone from being a vibrant and active child to a nearly unresponsive young adolescent.  She is a precious little girl that God is using to touch the hearts of many, many people.

Kelsey IMG_1381-1Recently, a gathering of family, friends, and ministry leaders gathered to pray over Kelsey and her family.  Our prayers were for divine healing, emotional and physical strength, insight for the doctors, financial provision, marital refreshment and more.  We prayed for all the things you can imagine that a family walking this kind of journey would need.  The Kling family expressed their deep gratitude for the love, prayers, and assistance they have received.  

Screenshot 2018-04-25 08.51.18One way the Broader Body of Christ can partner together in strategic ministry is by linking arms in prayer for special needs in the community.  I remember, years ago, reading an article that was encouraging couples to “spend all your kisses.”  The point being that since we have an endless supply of kisses to give … don’t be stingy.  In that same spirit, allow me to encourage you to “pray all your prayers.”  Even when God doesn’t say “yes” to the particular request we bring, we have no way of measuring all the other multi-faceted ways God is mysteriously moving to impact the lives of those who pray and the ones we are praying for.  If you know a network of intercessors or have a prayer team in your Church family, I ask that you would add Kelsey to your prayer agenda.  You can find more information at her website Seizing Kelsey .   -TDW